On digitalocean with the mailgun wordpress plugin, for some weird reason it is not working even though I configured postfix.

I’m following the tutorial already through setting up a relay with these tutorials: How to Set Up a Mail Relay with Postfix and Mailgun on Ubuntu 16.04 and Configure Postfix to use Mailgun SMTP Relay on Ubuntu .

After setting it up, I realized it still would not pickup from that. So, I decided to use the mail() of PHP. The reason is that if I call wp_mail() in another plugin, and I do not know yet if mailgun plugin has kicked in already (that’s still something I should research).

So what happened was first try to use the default mail() function, then if it still fails ($result = false) then try wp_mail() (which I do not know if mailgun plugin already over-rode).

My next step to make it more elegant is to actually put Mailgun’s latest class through composer and use Bedrock so wordpress is using composer.