I attended a recent Javascript meetup where Zak showed us the power of using emacs for javascript.

For me, other than note taking, the thing I like to really learn is using the emacs magit plugin. To get it installed in a cinch, I did brew install magit. Yes, I am lazy and brew is amazing. Also note that I also got the emacs from brew as well, btw.

One thing I struggled a bit was intalling other plugins. After getting the melpa repo wired in to emacs, it was a simple M-x list-packages and then Ctrl-s magit (which searches for magit) then pressing i (mark install) and x (execute).

So for my first thing to try, I went to my dotfiles repo and tried to commit something new. After opening a file using $ emacs <filename>, I just typed M-x magit- and pressed TAB. I found the command to use: M-x magit-commit and then typed my commit message. Then, to finish up the commit and actually commit, I typed C-c C-c. And it was commited.

Since I was on master and will push to master, I just did M-x magit-push-popup and then pressed P.

Well magit was easier than I thought it was. Hope it was a nice introduction to using magit.

I’m pretty sure I’m just touching the tip of the iceberg of what it can do, will keep posting new learnings about using magit as I go along.